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Vanity Numbers Identify a Company with its Contact Information

There are plenty of businesses that operate with the use of a toll free number but what is setting some of the more successful organizations apart is the use of vanity numbers that allow the entity to spell out the name of their business or a keyword pertaining to their business in the digits of their phone number. The idea is that a published number which spells out a name or phrase will be easier for consumers to remember and use as they are in need of a certain service or product that is offered by the organization. With a national advertising campaign that puts the phone number in front of millions of potential buyers the company is one of the first listings that will come to mind whenever a person is in need of help.

As an example of this the company 1-800-CONTACTS has proven that by naming their organization after their phone number that they will be the first and only company a person thinks to call when they are in need of having a new set of contact lenses mailed to their doorstep. Without having to look up the listing or search for the contact information the customer can simply dial their phone and give the information that will have their prescription in the mail the same day. Following the aforementioned business model 1-800-DENTIST is making it easy for a cadre of dental practitioners across the country to acquire new patients that trust the referral service of the toll free number to put them in touch with a dentist that is in their area and who meets the high standards that are established by the referring organization.

Without having to look up the telephone numbers of the companies that are providing ongoing support to each of their customers, organizations in every area and category of business are able to take advantage of the vanity numbers that are guiding people to the services and products that they want and use every day. With the acquisition of their own keyword related business phone number many companies are enjoying the ease of reference that links their name to the type of services, products or business that they are promoting to the public.

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