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To sign a MLM Network Marketing Lead, Focus On Their Wants

Once you develop a MLM Network Marketing Lead you have to sell that prospect on joining your team.  When you are talking to a prospect about your MLM business opportunity there is only one thing the prospect is interested in.  He is not interested in you.  He is not interested in your business.  He is not interested in your offer.  He is not interested in anything other than WIIFM.  That stands for “What’s In It For Me?” 

Your future MLM network marketing member wants to know what she can get from working with you.  People in sales call this WII FM radio.  It is the song that plays in your prospects mind all the time.  We are all focused on what we can receive from any situation. 

I am sure you care about others and do nice things for them (family, friends, charity, etc).  This giving is part of what makes us human.  But you certainly don’t care about what you can do for some guy with a Multi-level Network Marketing plan.

You must structure your pitch to concentrate on the triggers that will get your prospect to want to join your MLM Marketing Lead organization.  Here are some areas of interest to everyone.

  1. Family.  Can your prospect use the business to give his family more.  What does his wife or her husband want that a little extra cash could provide.  Wouldn’t they feel great providing more for their children.  What about college and the future of the children.  And retirement is on the mind of everyone with less than 20 years to work.  Find out which family issues are on the prospect’s mind and target your pitch to that.
  2. IHMJ syndrome.  Studies show that most the majority of people are not happy with their jobs.  Self-employment has always been a great selling point for MLM plans.  Give your prospect examples of others in the organization who have turned the program into a full time business with no boss.
  3. Paying bills.  This isn’t glamorous by any means but in these days of economic troubles a little extra cash goes a long way to helping the family budget.  If you can show your prospect how to pay the car payment or the tax payment you will have their ears.  Almost all households are having a hard time stretching the budget.
  4. Dreams.  What has your prospect always wanted to do, what is the car of his dreams, what trip has she always wanted to take.  Find the answer to these questions and you will go a longs way to tuning into their WII FM.  Dreams are powerful motivators.

Once you have the list of wants from you prospect, your lead presentation almost writes itself.  Show your prospects how the business plan can help them realize their dreams and you will have a willing audience.

If you talk to your prospects a little and listen A LOT it is amazing what you can find out.  People love to talk about themselves and about their dreams. Tapping into their wants is the only way you will be able to get your song played on the WII FM station of your MLM Network Marketing Lead.

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