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Making a Living by Writing Online

There are probably as many ways to make money online as there are fish in the sea. Contrary to popular belief, however, the legitimate ones really do take work. Although there are probably people who do get rich quick on the Internet, more often than not it takes a substantial amount of work to see online success. That’s why it helps if you can incorporate doing what you love into your money-making efforts. Since I’m a professional editorial consultant and also genuinely love to write; for me it was a no-brainer to harness that passion to make money writing.

After searching for the best venues for my writing efforts, one of the ones I chose to devote time to is HubPages. For those who haven’t heard of it, HubPages is a community blogging site that Google actually loves. The reason Google holds it in high esteem is that the HubPages staff and algorithms are geared to accept only high quality content. Spammers are identified quickly and either their links are no-followed or their accounts removed, so Google has come to trust that HubPages content is worthwhile. This good reputation with Google is a big help to anyone who writes for HubPages, because it’s much easier to rank your content. And since the site allows writers to earn up to five types of revenue, it can be a goldmine if you use it correctly.

The five types of revenue available on HubPages include Kontera, Google AdSense, Amazon, eBay and text links to any other affiliate programs. For the four main monetization forms, content authors get the revenue from 60 percent of the page views that generate income and HubPages gets the other 40 percent. But authors get 100 percent of the revenue generated from text links to any other affiliate programs. That makes HubPages a great place to drive traffic.

One of the affiliate programs I use on my hubs is the Twitter marketing software, TweetAdder. It was formerly considered amateurish to use Twitter if you were a serious Internet marketer, because most people saw it as a cute time-waster, at best. Twitter “followers” usually didn’t generate enough traffic to warrant the trouble. But that may change soon. As of a few months ago, Twitter “tweets” have actually been incorporated in the Google rankings. They’re only ranked when they’re new but they can help a hot topic get ranked in the Google SERPs pretty quickly if you have a lot of posting activity and some good PageRank on your Twitter page.

Twitter users can also now benefit from Google’s new opt-in social program. By listing your blogs and social media affiliations (including your Twitter account) in your Google profile, Google may display your links at the bottom of page one in the SERPs to be shown to anyone in your social network who may be searching for a keyword on any of your Web properties. This is still very much in the experimental stage but it shows that Google isn’t going to sit idly by while the social media craze carries on without it. Chances are good that social media may eventually become a legitimate way to generate traffic.

To take advantage of this incorporation of social media into traditional search results, I use TweetAdder to post Twitter tweets all day, every day. By doing so, my Twitter page became a PR5 in just a short time, which has resulted in Google ranking my tweets highly on many occasions. To make sure the TweetAdder software always has fresh tweets, I upload a text document with as many short posts as I want with links to my sites, hubs and blogs. TweetAdder then posts them. I set the range of time in which I want them posted and the software randomizes the actual post timing to make it look natural. Additionally, if I feel like I need more Twitter followers at any given point, TweetAdder has a feature that automates getting more of them. It also performs other Twitter functions, such as “unfollowing” people and whisking direct messages off to new followers. These features combined have helped me maintain an active presence on Twitter with very little effort. Without it, I probably would never have bothered with Twitter. But now because I used TweetAdder to maintain a serious presence, I’m poised to ride the social media wave, wherever Google may choose to take it.

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  • This is great. I’ll check out the hubpages as an additional revenue stream.. do they support linking in?

  • admin

    Hi Steve,
    Yes I think Hubpages are great. You can make money when people click on the ads and you can get backlinks to your own properties. It is really a win-win solution.

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