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Advertising And Marketing – 5 Questions To Ask A Sign Company

California companies and organizations need proper signage to stand out from their competitors. Without their name mentioned on their building, nobody would ever know that they existed and were open for business. An established San Diego sign company can provide all the signage accessories an enterprise needs to attract attention. Some providers will even design, fabricate and install non-electrical and electrical signs, both for indoor and outdoor usage. They will even check on zoning permits.

When you are looking for a full service signage company, prepare a list of questions. By interviewing potential candidates you will be able to weed out those that cannot deliver the superior products you are looking for. Consider including these sample questions in your consultation meetings.
1. Can you provide me with a product list? The more extensive the portfolio, the easier it will be for you to find the signage that will highlight your business. A recognized San Diego sign company will produce e.g. neon, Pylon, cabinet and push-thru signs, L.E.D. conversions, vinyl and digital prints, vehicle graphics, A.D.A. signage, and much more.
2. Do you have pictures of your work? To actually see completed assignments will give you a much better idea if the company can deliver quality craftsmanship.
3. How much time do you need to complete an order? The signage supplier should only be able to give you estimates as every assignment is different. The volume of the order also influences the delivery time. It is obvious that one plaque will take less time to make than ten.
4. How much do you charge? A San Diego sign company should be able to give you a price list, or at least estimates.
5. Do you advertise promotions? All companies interested in growth will offer their customers special deals. These campaigns should be mentioned on the company’s website, as well as details on all the products they currently sell.

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  • Here are some more questions one should ask.

    With the economic downturn and with a lot of Sign Companies fabricating and installing signs based on the bottom line, cheap LED components bought from China you should ask your sign company when it comes to electric signs.

    1. Can you give me a worry free 5 year electrical warranty?

    2. Will My electrical sign components be bought with domestic or high grade components?

    3. Do you follow 3rd party light source testing for the components you want to use in my sign that you will be selling me?

    4. Will you use the best light source for my application (Neon, LED, Fluorescent), and not just LED because it’s “convenient” and faster.

    5. Does your sign company know the truths about advantages and disadvantages of LED use in electrical signs

    Before making a final payment to your sign company who has installed an electrical sign. Make sure you see that your sign has been signed off by an electrical inspector

    Remember you always get what you pay for, most of the time pay cheap now means pay more later. Always look at a companies electric signs at night that are at least 5 years old, and talk to those clients on performance and maintenance issues of that time

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