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A Leadership Development Course On The Grow Coaching Model

Wondering what topics to include in your next leadership training workshop? There can be several topics that can be discussed in a leadership development course and oftentimes, we are limited to select one among the many so that participants can better focus on the lesson being shared. If you are looking for a good topic to focus on on your next leadership training workshop, you might want to consider the GROW coaching model. It is quite common to have leaders coach their teams these days and it can help much if they can learn more about an effective coaching approach.

One of the key roles of leaders is to coach their team members in an effort to achieve their best. As a coach or mentor, leaders try to help their team members solve problems, learn new skills, make better decisions and improve in the deliver of their roles and responsibilities to help advance their career. However, not all leaders are fortunate enough to receive formal training in coaching skills. And those who are not are the ones who need to develop these skills.

While this might sound daunting, this is the purpose of having a leadership development course. In this way, leaders can arm themselves with proven coaching techniques. This is also a good opportunity for leaders to learn to trust their instincts and become better coaches. In this way, they can truly help in improving the performance of their teams.

The GROW coaching model is one of the most popular approaches to coaching or mentoring. The word GROW is actually an acronym for goal, reality, options and will. The model might seem simple but it proves to be quite a powerful framework in structuring coaching sessions or mentoring sessions. Most coaches visualize the model as roadmap – similar to having a plan for a very important journey. The goals are considered maps to where one plans to go. And of course, one would need to compare where he or she is now to where he or she wants to be. In doing so, the different options to get to the destination can be explored and one must have the will to take on that journey and reach the destination.

It is important that during the leadership development course, leaders must understand that as coaches, they are not experts in whatever situation their team members are in. They must remain as objective facilitators who are meant to help team members select the best options to get to their destination and they must not give hints that they are leaning towards a certain direction.

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  • I like the GROW model you discuss in the article. Leadership development is important in all organizations big or small. I am always looking for new courses and books on leadership. Improving my skills is very important

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